A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on eBay

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A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on eBay

The credit crisis has taken a toll on the general economic condition of people in the UK. Nobody hates earning some extra cash. eBay is the worldwide selling platform that makes it easier to sell almost everything. From your old used pair of shoes to your car kept in garage for years, you can sell anything and earn some hefty cash using eBay. According to an estimate, the junk in the attic can be sold for more than £400.

EBay has made selling a piece of cake. All you have to do is clean your house and take out things you do not want. Then, through eBay you can sell it at incredibly amazing prices. Following are simple steps that you need to keep in mind while selling on eBay:

Set up an Account

The first step of selling on eBay is to create an account. Visit the eBay website and click on the link “Create a Seller’s Account”. Enter your contact details and verify your bank account information. Your account will be created in a matter of minutes.

Do Some Research

Before you put your product on sale, it is essential that you do some research. Read about the similar items that have been sold so that you get an idea about starting price and listing format. Doing research will enable you to write an effective listing and eventually seal the deal for you.

Also, there are some products like plane or train tickets and tobacco products that are banned for sale on eBay. Make sure that the items you are selling are allowed for sale to avoid any kinds of problems.

Select a Selling Category

There are two categories – auction style listing and fixed price “Buy It Now”. If you are a beginner, the auction category will be more suitable for you. It is a good idea to start your bidding from a lower price.

Create a Listing

Once you have chosen the category, the next step is to create a listing. Clearly define your product including all the relevant keywords. Give your buyers accurate and honest information. Do not hide anything as they will eventually know the truth. Intentionally withholding information or falsely advertising your product will negatively affect your future sales.

Post a Picture

A digital photo of your item will let the buyers see exactly what they are going to get. A clear picture increases your chances of selling. Make sure all the features are clearly visible and any flaws are highlighted as well.



Include Postage and Packaging Costs

Your buyers want to know what they are going to pay. Include all the costs in the listing. Be honest about postage and packaging costs. Hidden costs create unfavourable impression and can affect future sales.

Set up your Q&A

Your buyers might have some questions about the product. The answers must be relevant and must solve all your buyers’ concerns. Provide your contact information so that they know you are reliable and available for any of their issues.

Complete the Sale

Once the details are finalised, arrange the payment methods with the buyer. Complete the sale and give feedback to your buyers and encourage them to do the same.




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