What to Sell on eBay

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What to Sell on eBay

The list of products that you can sell on eBay is humongous. From a broken toy to an expensive yacht, people are willing to buy almost anything. Since its inception, eBay has proved to be quite profitable for individuals who have sold the right products intelligently. The myriad of things bought at eBay leave people confused about what to sell to earn some extra pounds. Here are some tips on what you can sell to be successful on eBay:

  • Do Not Try to Recreate a Product or Idea

Many people think that coming up with their own invention will earn them some extra points when it comes to selling on eBay. Unfortunately, this is not the case. No matter how creative your product or idea is, in most likelihood it will be copied and even improved by somebody. In short, it is not worth your time, risk and effort.

  • Stay Away From the Big Brands

You may think that selling products of big brands like Sony, Nike or Ralph Lauren on eBay will earn you big money. But it does not work like this. Let us take a look at few reasons why staying away from big brands will be best for you:

  • Narrow margins of profits

The profit margins with big brands are very small. Add to that the eBay and PayPal fees and you have got very little left. Selling products of famous brands will not be a good idea if your goal is profit maximisation.

  • Difficulty in distribution

Brands have strict rules regarding the distribution of their products. You will need to have a company and some buying power to sound credible. As an individual, it will be difficult to have these kinds of resources.

Therefore, keeping your distance from big brands will be the best course of action for you.

  • Go for Unbranded Products

The products that are not well-known prove to be the most profitable. It may sound counter-intuitive to you but let us see why unbranded products are the right choices:

  • Less competition

When you go with lesser known brands, there is hardly any competition. It is not easy to compare prices of unbranded products as they are so many of them.

  • More Branding options

With unbranded products, you always have the choice of introducing a new offer and increasing the prices. This will be great for building your brand awareness and customer base in the long run.


  • Pick a Suitable Niche Market

Entering a niche market requires some research about the niche. Whether it is smartphones, wallets or dog leashes, choose a niche market and start selling. Plenty of people have been earning big time by working in highly targeted niche markets. However again, stay away from niches dominated by famous brands.

  • Stick with the Niche You Really Like

As you will be selling this item for a long time, it would be a good idea to choose something that appeals to you personally. Do you like sports? Or fishing? Pick a niche which is also your passion so that you do not get bored after some time.

Successful selling on eBay requires common sense. Keep these important pointers in mind and you will be fine.






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