Some Successful Tips for Selling on eBay

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Some Successful Tips for Selling on eBay

All of us have extra stuff stacked away in our wardrobes and do not know what to do with them. We may want to throw them away, but that would not be a very good idea. A better option would be to use eBay to sell these items and earn some extra money. The process of registering with eBay is fairly simple. All you need to sell your products on eBay is a valid email address and a bank account. Here are some successful tips that can prove to be very helpful for you:

Be Truthful

Being truthful is generally the best business strategy. Same is the case with eBay. Do not deceive your buyers. Be clear about any flaws that your product has. The buyer always has the option of returning the product so being honest will be the right thing to do.

Take Clear Pictures

Be sure to take vivid and visually clear pictures. The buyers want to see what they are going to get from every angle. For example, if you are selling shoes make sure to photograph heels and soles properly. The background must be neutral and the item must be prominent. Make the flaws visible so that the buyers know that you are not deceiving them.

Pack Your Items Properly

If you are selling anything breakable like glass or china dishes, make sure that you pack them safely. For clothes, waterproof mailers work best. If the item breaks during delivery, you will have to reimburse your client. So, better safe than sorry!

Make Simple Fixes

If an item is slightly damaged and can be fixed easily, repair it so that you can sell it for a slightly higher price. Specify to the client that you have made some repairs to the item. Also, if your product is damaged but still has value, make sure you convey this to the client and set prices accordingly.

Give Detailed and Accurate Measurements

Use an accurate measuring device to avoid confusions with the client. For example a 10 size shoe may mean many different sizes. Measure the length objectively to make it easier for the buyer to decide.

Take Good Care with Black Items

Black things are pretty difficult to photograph. Even if you lighten the picture, it will appear dark grey. Talk to the client beforehand about this issue and get him/her on the same page.

Collaborate Effectively with the Client

Make sure that you communicate with the buyer effectively. Give your contact information to the client so that he/she can collaborate with you if any issue arises. Set up some questions and answers for them to make things clarified. Even after the deal is finalised, ask your clients to give you feedback. This leaves a positive impression in their minds and pave the way for future transactions between you.

Keeping these little things in mind, you can be a very effective seller on eBay. All you have to do is be fair and use common sense and this can be very profitable for you.

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